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Learn about Rainforest and Cloud Forest and take your best pictures! Take a private tour in the most beautiful places in Costa Rica with a professional nature photographer and guide.

Private Guided Tours

In a Private Natural History Tour we will walk through the Cloud Forest, as we will learn about its secrete life in a natural history interpretation.

Natural History Interpretation Walks

Tropical forests are the most bio diverse and the least studied and understood in the world. A lot of the scientific work is only shared by some and deprived from most. Natural Forests disappear at alarming rates.

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Andres Alvarado is a professional and recognized Costa Rican guide and nature photographer.

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Monteverde Enough Variety - Monteverde 

Considered one of the best 99 things to do in Costa Rica  - Comment in Guidebook
"99 things to do in Costa Rica"
2006 by author Matt Landau:
"Ever get the feeling that organized tours are overwhelming, overcrowded, and overpriced? This is the option should you take: a privately guided tour that fits your needs and your interests. Your guide, Andres Alvarado has the encyclopedic knowledge of Jaques Cousteau, the photographic talent of Ansel Adams, and the entrepreneurial instinct of Bill Gates. A native Tico himself, Andres uses his multi-layered education to lead trips throughout the country and even throughout the continent. His custom-guided tour will prove to be the vacation you’ll not stop talking about." Matt Landau

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